58591_4624004531733_1259593508_nThe prime of Gaven’s short life were his years spent in Queensland, Australia. In those years he began to come of age as a young man but still retained the joyful exuberance of a boy. In Australia, Gaven first seized his love of surfing and the sea. His family’s memories of Gaven in his element are filled with the sounds of his skateboard’s wheels over the boardwalk, the crashing of waves and his laughter from the trees above. Gaven, his spirit, and his family’s spirit,  flourished in the light of the Sunshine Coast. He would have wanted to be put to rest amongst the swells of his home break.

Anything donated in his honor will first be used to help transport Gaven’s family; Zachary, Jennyfer, Clara and Dalila to the Australian continent this spring. Gaven’s ashes will be released to the surf in a traditional paddle out amongst friends and loved ones. If funds were to remain after airfare they will be distributed to charities of the family’s choosing in Gaven’s honor.

We love him. He loves us all.

The outpouring and support has been humbling and comforting in these days of sadness. Your words, your thoughts, are felt deep inside us and help to give us strength. Knowing that Gaven was loved by so many around the world touches us in ways that words alone can not express.

Thank you.